I agree we all are one🙏🏼 there is no religion who teach to kill someone or hurt someone. Humanity is above all religion. GOD bless everyone!!! - Sandeep Malhi



Yours is a voice for the goddess in every woman.  You speak for every female energy who celebrates life to the fullest


We need people like you for spreading peace and love to this world


Proud to have courageous people like you to educate in our community.  Wahe guru Mehar Kare sister tere Te .


What a great message you have given to the whole world. God bless you!!!!


I wish the world is filled with people like you and only you

Mesfin Asefa

God be with you and strengthen the ambition you are doing to uplift the mind set of the people around the world. You are showing how we should love each other and not taking religion as a treat of violation.

Bier Junior Yassin



Embodying Self Love During Chaos

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I have had the honor to publish The Universe Sends Help Book after being a contributing author of 3 best selling books.  This book has over 100 prayers to help those struggling at home, hospitals, or serving during the time of Coronavirus.  Buy or gift a copy.  Heal yourself and forever change how you see and feel God and find safety and unconditional support wherever you are.  Blessings, health, and safety to all! 

Manpreet is a coach who supports individuals and groups overcome fears, find peace within, find joy and happiness in life.  She also runs Rang De Bollywood Dance Company where she sets the space for many to find joy again and heal through movement.  Coaching can do what dance cannot do.  Dance can do what coaching cannot do.  When we do both at the same time, we heal at multiple levels.

Manpreet’s combination of deep intuition, love for life and dance, Top Sales Producer Status in technology, and ability to hold safe space allows her clients to trust her with their most intimate secrets and desires.

Manpreet has a Bachelors in Business Management Information Systems. She has been trained by the World experts on the shadow.  Manpreet has done the internal work on herself which gives her great ability to support and have compassion in transformation of others.  Manpreet is available for energetic wedding ceremonies and readings/healings on topics such as Health, Business, Relationships, Family.


Contact her for a complimentary initial consult:

manpreet.komal@gmail.com or book on her calendar here:  https://calendly.com/manpreetkomal


Minister, Psychic Horizons graduate, and Ford Institute certified shadow coach Komal (365 Life Shifts) shares optimism in this nondenominational compendium of cleansing prayers dedicated to self-healing and positivity during the time of collective powerlessness and adjustment due to Covid-19. Komal includes prayers to keep essential workers safe, to avoid taking the frustration of working from home out on family members, and to heal soon after testing positive for the illness (“Dear God… Guide me. Support me every step of the way so that I don’t feel alone, isolated, or helpless”). Through connection with a higher power, whether it be Jesus, Krishna, Allah, or another, Komal emphasizes the importance of building a relationship with God to ask for help and learn to love oneself. She challenges readers to use the guide as an example for writing their own prayers, encouraging an openness to the unexpected.

Komal’s commitment to healing, recuperation, and defiance in the face of illness comes from personal experience with her own health and those of others health. She infuses her collection of prayers and mantras with sincere intentions for wholeness, including a prayer that asks for safety when going to the doctor during coronavirus and another that requests strength to avoid addictive and destructive behaviors, such as drinking and overeating.

This nondenominational approach will make it easy for readers to connect with Komal’s book. Readers dealing with coronavirus themselves or in a loved one, or feeling apprehensive around others, will feel empowered by this spiritual resource.

Takeaway: This uplifting collection of prayers and mantras encourages readers with reassuring messages of protection, safety, change, and hope.

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