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Having Manpreet as my coach transformed my life. I went from being a procrastinator with all kinds of excuses as of why I wasn’t taking better care of myself, or taking action to grow my business, or not being a priority in my own life to taking consistent action towards my goals, to putting my health and wellbeing first, to listening to my body and trusting I have what it takes to be successful.
Manpreet helped me stay accountable, encouraged me with each action step I took and cheered me on all the way to the finish line. She made me feel heard and seen and that I wasn’t alone and that the work I was doing mattered.  I could not have asked for a better coach.

-Lilia Souli, Health Coach


Manpreet is a gem! She is HIGHLY suited to this work. When working with such depth and intensity, you need a professional who has already been there. Manpreet has done the inner work on herself.  I felt completely supported by Manpreet. You cannot teach emotional intelligence and empathy in a classroom. She makes you feel totally safe to explore painful and sensitive emotional topics.  I highly recommend her to everyone who is serious about shadow work. You will definitely come out a much different person than you walked in. It was a very high quality experience for me.

-Danielle Alexandria, Financial Coach


I was going through a tough time and was wishing in my heart that I had a mentor, and that same week, the universe answered! I met Manpreet by chance in an Uber ride and could immediately tell through her interactions with the driver and me that she’s a genuinely warm and friendly person. We exchanged contact details and started our coaching sessions a week later. She listened intently and with compassion every time and was never judgmental. She also established a more personal connection by sharing some of her relevant life experiences as she walked me through the lessons and exercises. All this together helped me to unravel the knots I was carrying inside, which has resulted in greater mental/emotional clarity. I truly feel lucky and blessed to have received her guidance at such a crucial time. Thank you so much, Manpreet! –

-CA, Corporate America


Yours is a voice for the goddess in every woman.  You speak for every female energy who celebrates life to the fullest.



Many times, I have felt down and all of sudden I see your post with something very motivational, practical and that has transformed my thoughts in to positive outlook towards life. Your vibrant pictures has given positive horizon in many ways Manpreet. You are simply a divine soul.  You speak truth and stands out totally for all girls dreams, which, they have may buried inside for many years, cause of your postings and consisting quotes, I am sure it has ignited hopes again for many out there. Your style of laughing, saying love u all.. You don't know, how many times it has brought big smile on people's face. You are full of energy and have vibrant aura around you.

-Ashka Joshi

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