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Never underestimate the power of a commo
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Find Peace, Comfort, and Grace during the time of Coronavirus through this book! 

Cristina Madariaga, Intutive Counselor

This little book of prayers is a gem!! Manpreet writes to every situation we are going through with this pandemic. Prayers about depression, taking care of the body, loosing work, bringing light to the world, family, health care workers. Even prayers about surrendering our fears and uncertainties, to our compulsiveness eating and isolation. The author explains with her own healing journey the process of praying as a powerful tool that is available to all. After reading this simple yet profound collection of prayers I have been adding my own prayers. I use this book as a guide to support me in difficult moments. After I read a chapter out loud, I am finding in my daily routines more serenity. I am clearly feeling supported in my communication between my higher self and my daily struggles.

Kelly Redanz, Holistic Nutrition and Fitness Coach

The Universe Sends Help is for ALL people of ALL faiths. It doesn’t matter who you pray to these prayers are universal and deeply restorative for the soul. These prayers offer help for courage, grief, discomfort, healing, perseverance, love, and much more. These prayers have helped me during these uncertain times and will continue to help me in the future. I am grateful for this book and all it offers—it has helped me a lot.

Ieva Kagainek, Mothers Retreat Leader 

I purchased the book in one of those days when I lost my motivation on many things -eating healthy, exercising even going outdoors for a walk seemed like a difficult thing to do. Reading through Manpreet words, I realized how uplifting it was, to think more positive and hope for better days. This little book of prayers is must-read now, it will help you to set your mind in a better direction, to hope for better in times of trouble. It guides you on a better path in everyday life or when you fear illness, feel sick or do not feel motivated. We are all going through difficult times, and we all need some prayers to not to lose hope and to keep going.

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