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It is not your conscious that is stopping you from living the life of your dreams - but your unconscious.  This is where I come in!

I am Manpreet Komal. I help you bring zest, passion, meaning  back into your life bringing you from the patterns of your past that are no longer serving you to living the life of your dreams with breakthroughs you least imagined that will change you and those around you.  Are you ready to weave the magic wand in your internal  and external world?

Take responsibility in areas of your life where you had accepted failure/loss/victimhood.  When you walk through that dark tunnel, it is hard to see whether there truly is light. Let's talk!


Fall in love with your body without shame.  Most of are taught to do what others tell us from losing weight, having a persona for others but we rarely look and love our body as it is.  Stop shaming yourself and claim your wholeness as it is busting through shadows you didn't even known existed.


Understand and Embrace the true reason why you are suffering.  When we make friends with our deepest pains, an opening is possible for us to step into a new level of healing and greatness.


You might have spent your entire life making others a priority for one reason or another neglected yourself, learn why and take steps to become your own best friend and even love that part of you that has given too much to others.

Make peace with your past and get grounded into the present and lets help you start a future you thought was never possible.


An opportunity to heal your ancestral patterns.  Many of us carry our family baggage.  I have first hand experienced this, I provide a space for you to transform and show you the benefits of ending hurtful patterns with yourself.  I understand the courage and strength it takes to do this.


Often we will do everything to be spiritual or be our level best but we will neglect our bodies.  While we can overlook many things, we cannot look over direct feedback that our bodies give us. Truth is very few people know how to put their bodies first. I have had to put my body first all my life and with our coaching, you will understand why our body is our greatest teacher.


You will learn to access and trust your own inner wisdom.  You will be gently nudged to trust your own self through a space we create for you to hear yourself. This is not therapy although I encourage whatever works best for you at the time you need it.  I believe there are many ways to get to our next level of evolution. Always trust yourself and start where you are pulled towards first..

My coaching is to help you become your own best healer, teacher, advocate, coach, author. 

Understand, feel, heal, and accept shame in regards to your health issue, identity, gay, marital status, transgendered etc.  You know that is your biggest obstacle but don't know how to quite move past it. When we can accept ourselves, a whole new world opens up for us.  If we can be honest to ourselves, that is what matters most. Ping me!

Move from victim-hood to victory and self-empowerment.  Many of us believe things are happening to us and I get it.  It is easy to point the finger at someone else - a spouse, a parent, and even God.  I have seen and faced this first hand.  Shit happens and life can be very hard.  I know.  Truth is things are always happening to support us although we may not see this when things are at their worst.  This is where faith comes in and the right help.  Ask for help and believe me, Universe sends help.


Learn how to be authentic version of yourself with yourself and others so that you are more of true you vs. what you think you should be. Many of us are not taught to be who we truly are but it can be learned - I am your prime example.


If next level of leadership is a call for you whether it is being a better parent, executive, husband/wife, stepping into your authentic leadership while making a greater impact on the whole as a coach/author/speaker whatever genius it is you aspire - we will walk through it together making sure you are unrecognizable as long as you are willing.


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